Our Process

Four Eyes Insight uses extensive NHS and clinical expertise to identify and implement significant healthcare efficiencies, embedding and sustaining effective change with active staff buy-in and bespoke remote monitoring solutions across the elective care and cancer pathways.

  • Analysis


    Initial diagnostics based on robust and detailed statistics.

    We drill down into your actual session and procedure level data, to get to the heart of your problems and find clarity.

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  • Implementation


    Turning productive plans into operational reality.

    We stand apart through our practical, clinically-focused, support which builds on credible data analysis. When combined with our ability to achieve clinical buy-in, we are able to provide sustainable change rather than a short term fix.

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  • Rapid Change


    Our implementation programme is based around results from week one.

    The speed of these programmes are designed to maximize the Full Year Effect benefits.

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  • Monitoring


    Tools to ensure sustainable change.

    Our clinical focus and whole-problem solution extends to arms-length remote monitoring of productivity through our specialist reporting applications.

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  • Sustainability


    Is at the core of our business ethos.

    Whether its through our custom-designed capacity management solutions or a continuous light touch service. Four Eyes strives to provide continued support of operational improvements and future service redesign.

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