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    Case Study > Theatres Performance Software at Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Theatres Performance Software at Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

"Four Eyes Insight Theatre Performance Software has provided the Trust with detailed reporting – historical and upcoming activities refreshed daily. This has enabled the Trust to ‘deep dive’ into individual specialities, theatres and surgeons, providing key analysis to aid improvement work." Candice Tyers, Deputy Divisional Director, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: Transforming Theatres with Performance Software

With 16 operating rooms and 125 weekly elective care sessions, Great Western Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in Swindon performs 250 to 300 surgeries weekly across several surgical specialities.

Managing a high volume of sessions has been a challenge, the most critical being the lack of daily visibility into theatre performance, impacting resource allocation, patient safety, and overall hospital efficiency.

Four Eyes Insight was invited to support the Trust by implementing the Productivity Software, which led to marked improvements in operational visibility and efficiency.

The challenge: visibility into Elective Theatre performance

Grappling with the challenge of needing daily visibility into theatre performance, the Trust required improvement of effective resource management and overall hospital efficiency.

Great Western targeted Four Eyes Insight to support by:

  • Developing a robust solution that enhanced operational visibility.
  • Implementing the software solution within an ambitious six-week timeframe.

Solution: Theatre Productivity Software

Four Eyes Implemented its Theatre Productivity Software, offering the Trust an innovative web-based platform for monitoring and improving the efficiency of elective theatres.

Our software supported Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust with:

  • Daily view of theatre performance
  • Standardised report outputs
  • Improved resource management
  • Improved efficiency
  • Bespoke reports
  • Automatic email summaries
  • Streamline operations
  • Access to expert customer service

In response to the challenges faced by the Trust, Four Eyes Insight presented a comprehensive, strategic approach that put collaboration and customisation at the forefront of the project and included:

  • Active Engagement
  • Automation
  • Training
  • Support

More information on these project elements is available in the full case study here.

The results

The partnership between Great Western HospitalsNHS Foundation Trust and Four Eyes Insight has reaped meaningful benefits, setting new standards for operational visibility, efficiency, and performance tracking.

Key results include:

  • Increase in operational visibility
  • 7% increase in touch time utilisation
  • Ability to treat an additional 182 cases per week

All results can be accessed in the case study document.

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