We have combined our market leading tools and knowledge from working with over 80 Trusts to create INSIGHT, an artificially intelligent software that uses data analysis and system integration to generate optimised operating lists. Using surgeon performance data at procedure level, INSIGHT can accurately predict and construct a surgeon’s operating list to a desired optimum. It’s integration with the Patient Tracking List (PTL) allows both improved manual and fully automated population of a surgeon’s operating list to achieve optimal utilisation in line with a Trust’s RTT booking regulations.

INSIGHT automates the processes and empowers your teams with the information and reporting required to deliver improved theatre efficiency, reduce RTT times and deliver activity plans. Insight combines intelligent automated scheduling, informative reporting and bespoke management tools to produce a modern serviceable application that delivers financial benefit and significant ROI.

Information in one place

• In-built bespoke Scheduling Tool – surgeon specific times
• ‘Artificial Intelligence’ used to auto populate maximised lists
• Forward Look Report – highlighting theatre capacity
• Integrated admitted PTL – ensuring teams are dating in order
• Resource/Staffing and POA indicators to ensure lists are prepared and ready
• In-built Improvement Plan – set up an Income or Cost Out improvement plan

Ensuring your service is optimally run

• Maximises list utilisation and reduces RTT times through ‘Artificial Intelligence’ automated scheduling and list population
• Reduces on the day cancellations and DNA’s
• 6-4-2 planning and management – visibility of list capacity to support 6-4-2 process
• Visibility of list utilisation for up to 6 weeks ahead – ensuring management are well equipped to optimise lists well in advance of the day of surgery
• Activity reporting to ensure services are meeting performance plan trajectories