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  • PAH: Ophthalmology Demand and Capacity Programme

    PAH Ophthalmology

    The ophthalmology team at Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (PAH) has experienced significant challenges over recent years. Waiting lists are growing, with demand for the service outweighing capacity. Demand and capacity is particularly challenging for long-term-condition follow-up patients. These patient cohorts do not form part of routine activity performance

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  • Transforming Planned Care

    Transforming planned care

    Transforming planned care for the NHS is something we are passionate about. As the NHS continues to revise national forecasts and update targets, eliminating long waits and prioritising cancer pathways remain a focus. The transformation

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  • Theatre Estate Utilisation Business Case: Hillingdon Hospitals NHS FT

    Business case hillingdon hospitals nhs foundation trust maximising theatre estate utilisation

    After undertaking an analysis of the Trust's theatre estate utilisation, FEI revealed that a notable

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  • Demand & Capacity Modelling: Regional Elective Hub

    capacity and demand modelling case study

    As part of the 10-week programme, Four Eyes Insight (FEI) produced an integrated activity, workforce, and finance model supported by a compelling narrative describing the benefits of launching a high-volume regional elective hub for an NHS Acute Provider Collaborative (APC), as outlined below. Activity A scenario-based modelling tool to support the planning and delivery of

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  • A Patient Focus: Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust

    Patient Focus and health inequalities Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust

    “Our Trust serves a population in the most deprived decile of the country. Whilst of course reducing Did Not Attend rates and increasing Clinic Booking Utilisation rates are about improving productivity, at its heart they

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  • Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust: Outpatient Improvement

    Outpatient improvement programme walsall healthcare nhs trust

      In Spring 2022, the NHS England Elective Care Improvement Support Team (IST) undertook a qualitative diagnostic review of Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust’s (WHNT) outpatient booking processes, making 19 recommendations for the Trust in their final report. Keen to address the recommendations made, WHNT embarked on a transformative programme, guided by the IST and their

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  • Prioritising NHS Management Training

    Prioritising NHS Management Training

    “We should have high expectations of our leaders, but I think if we are going to have high expectations, we have to bake in an expectation that there will be ongoing training, there will be

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  • Understanding the Impact of Health Inequalities in the UK

    Health inequalities in the UK

    What Are Health Inequalities?   Health is a fundamental human right, yet not everybody in the UK has equal access to it. In this latest blog post, we delve into the complex issue of health inequalities in the UK, examining their causes, impacts, measurement, and strategies for combating them. Health inequalities refer to the systematic

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