Improving Outpatient Utilisation & Transforming Service Delivery

NHS consultancy packages for outpatient efficiencies,

utilisation and service re-design.

With the need to adjust the approach to outpatients and engage patients more actively, the NHS expect Trusts to deliver in line with the national ambition to reduce follow-ups by 25% against the 2019/20 baseline by March 2024.

Achieving a sustained reduction in unnecessary outpatients requires a core operation of good practices as a foundation for broader change. Using our framework, we aim to support your team with the tools needed to reduce those unnecessary appointments, backlogs and increase efficiency with measurable results. 

Our Results in Outpatient Programmes

Our Support in Outpatients

Increasing slot and session utilisation

Improving estates management

Maximising PIFU and discharge pathways

Enhancing referral management

Supporting wait list validation and cleansing

DNA reduction

Increasing virtual appointments/ video consultations

Improving coding and outcoming

Specialty specific pathway redesign

Initiatives to increase productivity and utilisation

Our Approach

Our sustainable implementation model leads to improved utilisation, reduced DNAs, higher throughput per clinic and an enhanced ability to ensure that the right patients are being seen within secondary care. Please see below an example of our utilisation improvement programme approach.

Insight and Discovery

During this initial phase, we will work with the organisation to gain a clear understanding of current processes within the outpatient department and determine the operational challenges that are reducing productivity.

We will target improvement opportunities, through our capacity and capability assessment, and meet with the clinical and operational teams to agree on the short-term improvement goals (quick wins) and the key issues that need to be addressed for long-term sustainable success.

Rapid  Implementation

This phase of the programme will focus on building up firm foundations through governance and process changes that will enable the organisation to increase activity and productivity. 

During this phase of the programme, we will work with key stakeholders to design and implement the agreed approach to outpatient service delivery and monitor progress against agreed KPIs as a result of the changes. We will forecast the improvement expectations across the project, and the following six months to determine the impact on the backlog clearance trajectories.

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