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Improving outpatient clinic efficiency through communication

We are continuing to work with this mid-sized district hospital in the north of England. The Trust commissioned us to perform an outpatient review.

Once the Four Eyes diagnostic review was complete, 5 specialties were chosen for our first wave of implementation. After the success of this implementation the Trust has commissioned Four Eyes to develop demand & capacity models for the hospital’s outpatient clinics.

  • Quick wins

    All of our quick wins need to achieve 2 things: improved performance and a positive financial impact. For this Trust, Four Eyes identified the historic issues around DNA  and how we could improve them. Four Eyes also identified a backlog of non-outcomed and un-cashed clinic appointments. At Four Eyes we don’t believe in just the quick fix so we spent the rest of the programme developing sustainability plans to prevent this situation from happening again.

  • Outcomes

    All 5 selected specialties demonstrated reduced DNA rates and improved slot utilisation. This was realised through both process improvement and standardisation across the Trust and promoting collaborative ways of working and sharing of best practice.

    The Four Eyes approach is aimed at getting staff to engage and identify the opportunity to improve the productivity of their clinics.

  • Financial Impact

    For Outpatients we managed to provide a financial benefit of £37,800 within the first few weeks by clearing the backlog in outpatient clinics. Through reducing DNA’s, improving slot utilisation and reducing the need for waiting list initiatives, Four Eyes identified a potential saving of over a £1 million to the Trust.

    The results of the theatre review also identified additional income generation opportunities. This amounted to over to an additional £2 million in revenue. £1.3 million of additional income when non-pay costs have been subtracted.

  • Sustainability

    Financial sustainability is at the core of our business ethos. Our aim is to help the Trust to realise any opportunity identified into a reality. The end of our implementation phase is focused on putting the processes in place to maintain performance sustainably. This is realised by embedding our applications within the organisations operational practices.