The first step in our process is to undertake credible analysis of client-specific data. This process, which includes identifying any quick wins where increases in productivity and efficiency could be made immediately. These are always validated by experts on the ground.

This is followed by optimised scheduling, which aligns an individual surgeon/clinician performance to potential capacity and looks for improvement opportunities.




The implementation phase sees our experienced clinical and operational delivery leads working hands-on with staff to share knowledge and expertise. They will also target and tackle any operational issues and blockers preventing required productivity improvements. Our approach will help provide pace and strengthen operational grip, in a sustainable way.

Practical tools and techniques are deployed, including Four Eyes Insight’s own solutions, to immediately begin changing practices.


Rapid Change

Our implementation programme is based around results from week one. First on the cards is the realization of quick wins agreed with the clinicians during the analysis. The speed of these programmes are designed to maximize the Full Year Effect. Establishing quick wins with the Trust is an essential part in providing direction and focus,



Following Implementation we can continue to offer arms-length support through remote monitoring of performance, offering regular reports using Four Eyes’ ‘in-session’ productivity approach to highlight performance and progress against the established efficiency improvement targets.

Using Four Eyes Insight’s proven processes and applications mean clients can help translate the significant efficiencies we find into a sustainable reality as well as creating a high ROI.



Is at the core of our business ethos. Whether its through our custom-designed capacity management solutions or a light touch continuous service. Four Eyes strives to provide continued support of operational improvements and future service redesign.