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Elective Care Recovery

As we move into the second phase Covid-19 response, a key challenge for NHS Trusts and healthcare systems is how to address the urgency of so many patients waiting for critical procedures and appointments on elective waiting lists. Risk stratification and patient prioritisation are key as a starting point to elective recovery, alongside capturing and locking in essential pathway changes and understanding capacity constraints.

We have developed a phased approach to recovery that begins with a readiness assessment for restarting elective activity and leads onto full implementation targeting safe, deliverable and sustainable productivity improvement.

Use software to:

  • – To support data cleansing and OPCS mapping of admitted PTL
  • – To support the risk stratification process by cohorting patients based upon key risk factors¬† ¬†for clinical sign off
  • – To benchmark and highlight variation to national guidance
  • – To model scenarios and forecast long-term impact to support decision-making


Support safe and effective patient prioritisation by:

  • – To evidence variation against national guidance
  • – To standardise ongoing risk stratification of patients to realise robust practice
  • – To work to consistently capture the risk-stratified position
  • – To work with informatics to automate reporting of risk-stratified status
  • – To quantify theatre and outpatients demand by risk priority, considering pathway changes effected by Covid-19


Team working:

  • – To identify and remove barriers to restarting elective activity
  • – To work with diagnostic services to resolve identified blockers and ensure sufficient capacity
  • – To implement out-patients prioritisation processes and quantify appointment requirements
  • – To establish robust governance processes/ management meetings


Pathway changes:

  • – To support implementation of solutions such as closed loop facilities; block booking/batch scheduling of activity; patient testing and OP/ theatre/ diagnostic flow solutions
  • – To enable appropriate and effective digital solutions; home working and virtual consultations and straight to test pathways
  • – To centrally coordinate sign-off of alternative pathways at sub-specialty level


About Four Eyes Insight

We use the combined power of people, data, and technology to get to the root cause of NHS elective care pathway inefficiencies; working collaboratively and engaging with all stakeholders to get buy in for change from the ground up. We implement interventions that optimise elective care pathways and provide tools to monitor their effectiveness ensuring that a culture of continuous improvement to drive long term, sustainable change is embedded along the way.

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