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Meet the team: Con McGarry

As part of our team spotlight series, last month, we spoke to Four Eyes Insight’s incoming Managing Director Lee Scothern about his role and vision for the business.

This month, we spoke to newly appointed Delivery Director, Con McGarry about his Four Eyes Insight journey, his passion for developing talent and his plans to enhance sustainable patient care pathways.


With a Biomedical Sciences degree from the University of Westminster, Con spent the first five years of his career as a Biomedical Scientist in NHS pathology labs before moving into the world of consulting.

His initial consulting role was centred around his pathology specialism where he was responsible for the integrated performance management function across the clinical pathology service. As part of this role, he led a  public-private partnership programme involving Guy’s & St. Thomas’ Hospital Foundation Trust and King’s College Hospital Foundation Trust. During this time, Con also completed an MBA in Business Administration, Strategy,  Economics and Finance.

Following this, Con held product, operational and executive management roles within the mobility tech sector before moving back into healthcare in 2018 via an AI backed medical transcription SaaS organisation where he held the role of Director of Operations.

During the pandemic, Con went back to his pathology routes to provide expert insight, knowledge, and advice to support the implementation of healthcare policy and process within Covid-19 testing facilities.

Since joining the Four Eyes Insight team as Managing Consultant in 2021, Con has led a series of improvement programmes for NHS organisations in support of clearing waiting lists and backlogs.

More recently, Con was appointed as Four Eyes Insights Delivery Director, leading in strategic consulting, overseeing resource to meet the businesses demands, and maintaining sustainable workflows across the organisation.

What attracted you to the FEI team?

“I was instinctively attracted to the aligned ethos Four Eyes Insight and I shared. The business values, were then, and are still now, reflective of my experience of working within the healthcare sector, and this was a real pull for me when applying for the role.

“Whilst working as a biomedical scientist within the NHS, I was aware that with each investigation I performed, there was a patient at the end of the result whose care was impacted. Since moving into a more customer focused career, this has stayed with me, and it has been clear from day one of joining the Four Eyes Insight, that our work has one main goal – to improve patient experience.

“An additional driving force for me was the ethical and sustainable practices at Four Eyes Insight. These practices rang true to for me when learning more about the company, as I have adopted many similar values and practices throughout my career in consulting.”

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

“It’s the confidence I have knowing that our output is making a difference to patient pathways and understanding that the improvements we are putting in place are having a positive impact on patient care and driving down waiting lists.

“I always relate our work back to my own experiences and those frustrating experiences I hear of though my friends and family, regarding the inadequacies and inefficiencies within the healthcare sector. The technology we have developed at Four Eyes Insight is ultimately playing a huge part in supporting the NHS to reduce its backlog to deliver manageable and sustainable change.

“Not only is our output rewarding, but internally the team at Four Eyes Insight, make each day in my job interesting. Working alongside renowned specialists, recognised and nationally renowned specialists, we understand that it’s our people and their knowledge that underpins everything we do, and I am incredibly proud to be a part of that.

“Further to this, an initiative that is supported by Four Eyes insight is the continued focus on helping people to reach their full potential, developing both personally and professionally. I really admire that as a team we are passionate about internal development whilst also recruiting next generation talent.”

Why do NHS trusts work with Four Eyes Insight?

“NHS trusts are attracted to our team because we act as extension of their internal operations. We have an organic approach to consulting as we work with the trusts, side-by-side. Despite there being a stigma around consultants delivering recommendations and walking away, we act as an critical friend and sounding board, working alongside NHS teams to seamlessly deliver their goals and objectives whilst building relationships so that they can feel comfortable in coming to us for support and ongoing guidance.

“A big pull for most trusts is that we are extremely dynamic in our approach, and if there is an obstacle along the way, our team work quickly to resolve this, while providing expert solutions. We don’t have a cookie cutter programme; so, this sets us aside. Our teams build and tailor bespoke plans for trusts so that we can be flexible when it comes to planning deadlines and timelines.

“Our Executive Chair Brian Wells describes us perfectly – as a family.  Our human centred approach and empathy towards our clients and their unique challenges and situations is what enables us to build long standing relationships, and this is what sets us apart from other traditional consultants. As we are all working towards the same goals and objectives, we become aligned from the word go.

“As mentioned previously, the fact that the majority of our consultants come from an NHS background and are nationally renowned specialists in their fields is a key driver for trusts, as they know that we understand their environments, training and culture.”  

What are the potential opportunities for NHS pathology laboratories and teams?

“I don’t think a lot of people had really heard of pathology prior to 2020 and then suddenly, it’s one of the hot topics in the NHS as we coped with the demands of the pandemic.

“Like many NHS services, pathology services are often fragmented, but with 1.2billion tests performed per year, covering around 95% of all clinical pathways, pathology services have the potential to help significantly reduce the elective care backlog ensuring patients move through the system quicker and are not having lengthy waits for test results, which may degrade the quality of patient care and increase the level of clinical contact required.

“In line with Lord Carter’s Review of the NHS Pathology Services in England and the subsequent report on Operational productivity and performance in English NHS acute hospitals: Unwarranted variations, pathology services need to become more efficient. They require consolidation and a networked approach to reduce the level of variation in tests, ensuring there is a consistency of patient experience from NHS trust to trust.

“In 2019, 97% of NHS trusts had started the journey towards implementing the recommended ‘hub and spoke model’ outlined in both reports however, progress was halted during the pandemic so the vision to create 29 pathology hubs by 2021 was not quite realised. Momentum needs to be regained with this to ensure services and their outputs are standardised.

“NHS trusts must also look to implement a performance management framework like the GIRFT Clean Framework to ensure that the right test is carried out at the right time, with the right answer for each patient. The implementation of this framework will require extensive changes to the systems that support pathology labs and enable their work, particularly as there are many scientists that have worked their way up to management positions without any formal training, who require support on projects of this nature. This is what really interests me about supporting in this area as I think we’re in the ideal position to effect that sustainable change.”

What do you like to do in your spare time?

“Outside of work I’d like to say that my weekends are wild, and they are to some degree, those wild weekends tend to be looking after 2 young children, who dominate mine and my wife’s time with numerous activities. However, when not out with the kids I enjoy regular exercise, such as running and football.

“I absolutely love film, and TV, most evenings my wife and I sit down to watch the latest drama, which is my time to relax.”

About Four Eyes Insight

We use the combined power of people, data, and technology to get to the root cause of NHS elective care pathway inefficiencies; working collaboratively and engaging with all stakeholders to get buy in for change from the ground up. We implement interventions that optimise elective care pathways and provide tools to monitor their effectiveness ensuring that a culture of continuous improvement to drive long term, sustainable change is embedded along the way.

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