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Theatre Performance & Forecasting Software Brochure

Reduce waiting lists with intelligent software

Our software helps organisations reduce waiting lists by maximising elective theatre utilisation and enhancing the patient scheduling process.

Designed by clinicians for clinicians, our theatre software modules offer an innovative web-based platform for monitoring and improving the productivity of your elective theatre pathway.

Maximising theatre utilisation

Our elective theatre software supports utilisation planning and reporting for the benefit of patients and surgical teams.

With pressures to reduce 52-week waits and the significant elective patient backlog, NHS managers and staff require simple, accurate and informative planning and reporting software.

Our software ensures organisations can maximise precious theatre resources whilst providing high-quality patient care.

About Four Eyes Insight

We use the combined power of people, data and technology to get to the root cause of elective care pathway inefficiencies; Four Eyes Insight supports all NHS organisations involved in the delivery of care and can help to:

  • – Achieve high performance
  • – Optimise elective care pathways
  • – Monitor performance
  • – Sustain and improve the pathway


What we offer

With a wealth of experience across the elective care pathway, underpinned by our intuitive software, Four Eyes Insight offers a wide range of tailored programmes and support to bring robust governance and improved productivity across many core clinical areas.


Download our Theatre Performance & Forecasting Software brochure here, to learn more about how we can help with the Elective Recovery for the NHS.