Meet Neeru Verma

Head of Human Resources & Recruitment


With over 15 years of Human Resources and Recruitment experience, our Head of Human Resources and Recruitment Neeru Verma aims to ensure we recruit the right people for the right roles, whilst ensuring every individual has a fair opportunity to be trained and to be developed in their careers at Four Eyes Insight.


“Talent Management for our business is about building a community of like-minded people who have the confidence and passion to work towards our combined business goals. Whilst today’s focus is very much on technology, we recognise this is only part of the solution and human talent is very important to support this. Here, at Four Eyes Insight, we ensure our people are at the centre of everything we do and achieve. Every member of our team is important to us and so encourage communication and collaborative approaches in our working styles.”


Our Working Culture

We have a Multidisciplinary team that combines clinical and operational expertise to deliver data-driven improvements into the NHS. Many of our consultants have held NHS roles before joining Four Eyes Insight, giving us a unique view of the operational challenges that need to be resolved. We also welcome those with expertise in other areas of healthcare, and other industries; that can offer transferable knowledge in pursuit of our purpose to optimise care pathways.

Every person in our business brings in a different way of thinking, we support our people’s journey at a pace which is suitable and comfortable for them, whilst ensuring our business needs are fulfilled. Our employees can interact with all levels across the business which allows them to have the support they need in their development.

We always encourage our employees to do the best they can with the tools we provide for them to achieve their goals. Our adaptive approaches and agile leaders are the key to release positive change and to lead our organisations in new ways of working and learning. We constantly ensure our recruitment strategies are comprehensive and transformational which can be embedded in our day-to-day business operations.

Our people of today will become our leaders tomorrow, so it is important for us to grow and nurture our talent from within the business by providing opportunities of growth along the way. Our environment enables our people to flourish and be confident in what they do.



Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I)

We are committed to developing a diverse workforce by developing an inclusive culture where everyone thrives.

DE&I is embedded within our company culture – we continue to strive in creating a diverse workforce as well as providing the right environment, which enables each of our professionals to reach their full potential within the workplace.

Our people are our greatest asset, so we have worked hard to create a diverse and multicultural environment where different people with different skillsets can work to the same common goals. We encourage our people to share their ideas and to be passionate about their work, which enhances our core values and strengthens our company philosophy.

We constantly encourage an environment where our people feel they are part of a team, whilst belonging to a wider group.

Our Wellbeing, Inclusion, Diversity and Equality (WIDE) Group is in place to promote an inclusive work environment that enables all individuals to succeed independently of their gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, or any other protected characteristic as defined in the Equality Act (2010)


Why work with us?

As change experts, we are passionate about making meaningful differences in everything we do, whether that’s supporting our clients in their transformation journeys or supporting our teams to reach their full potential and goals.

We have a wealth of NHS expertise From trained doctors and registered nurses to former chief operating officers (COOs), the 40-strong Four Eyes Insight team has a wealth of NHS expertise which separates us from other, general consultancies.

We are an organisation who thrive on seeing positive change and are fully engaged and investing in our team, as well as our clients.

Our software underpins everything we do; providing unique and immediate data analysis that can support care pathway optimisation. The Four Eyes Insight team are focused on business intelligence and analysing data to drive operational decision making.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We encourage everyone across the business to build a community which is supportive to our society, environment, employees, customers and global communities by providing positive change and transformation.


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